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Find out what makes our warmers superior to other brand names.
Heat Factory is much more than just a warmer brand.

Heat Factory is the oldest and most recognized warmer brand in the outdoor industry. We offer top-notch product selections, sales programs, merchandising solutions and unsurpassed quality. Heat Factory's warmer technology, warmer accessories, and manufacturing standards are unmatched. We embrace progress and are continually improving product performance and dealer support. Established in 1980 the Heat Factory brand has kept its focus on quality and is proud to offer so of the highest quality products designed for the outdoor enthusiast and general consumer. Heat Factory strives to increase brand recognition through consistent packaging and branding, as well as through manufacturing the most reliable warmers in the market.

  • Product Selections

    Choose from a variety of products each geared towards your customer.

  • Sales Programs

    We offer many different sales programs that adapt to your company needs.

  • Merchandising Solutions

    Choose from a wide range of packaging options that fits your retail setting.

  • Unsurpassed Quality

    Heat Factory manufactures the most reliable warmers on the market.


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