Kids of Camp Compass Academy

Interview With Camp Compass Academy’s President

” When you work as much as Camp Compass with children in the outdoors, you come across products you can’t just do without. Very simply, our program would not be the same without the support and use of the Heat Factory warmer products. The number of uses we have found for the various products you develop[…]

Brenda Valentine Carrying her Turkey Trophy

“First Lady of Hunting” ®: Female Hunters Show Us How It’s Done

Brenda Valentine becomes one of the first female hunters “When you’re a full-time hunter like I am, it pays to learn all the secrets of being comfortable enough to stay out there. I depend on Heat Factory warmers as many as any articles of equipment I use.” – Brenda Valentine Born and raised in a[…]

1994 Olympic U.S. Ski Team

US Alpine Ski Team Sponsor

Throwback Thursday #2  The 1994 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XVII Olympic Winter Games, were celebrated in Lillehammer, Norway. Lillehammer’s city centre is a late 19th-century concentration of wooden houses and enjoys a picturesque location overlooking lake Josa and the river Lagen. In 2016, it will host the Winter Youth Olympics. The Lillehammer Olympics[…]


Mount Everest Climb With Pizarro

Pizarro Climbs Mount Everest In 2009, Heat Factory USA sponsored two world renounced mountaineers on their climb of Earth’s highest mountain. Mount Everest is located in the Himalayas and attracts many highly experienced mountaineers as well as capable climbers willing to take on the climb. Its peak is 29,029 ft and although it isn’t the furthest[…]