Heat Factory "Climbers Stay Warm With Heat Factory"

How Climbers Stay Warm- The Secret of Hand Warmers & Chalkbags

Most climbers can’t stay away from climbing in the Fall and Winter. Our favorite route is no longer sitting in the sun, which makes sitting in nature all that more appealing. Some of us love night-climbing but are sensitive to the cold all year long.  Heat Factory hand warmers are a great solution for both,[…]

The Zika Virus & Sawyer Repellents

The Zika Virus & Sawyer Insect Repellents

Sawyer’s “Fisherman’s Formula” Picaridin is derived from Piperine in pepper plants. This synthetic replica of a natural solution has proved to be a very effective formula on mosquitoes, ticks, and flies while still being family friendly, gear safe, and very comfortable to wear on your skin. Sawyer’s Odorless Permethrin for clothing and gear does not harm[…]


Snowboarding Stretches To Help Keep Your Body Warm

Snowboarding is a great sport that clears the mind and brings us close to nature. Whether you’re going snowboarding with friends for a weekend or moving close to a resort to master the sport, understanding the fundamental strengths needed to conquer the mountain is key to performing better. Snowboarding requires agility, endurance, leg and core[…]