October 28, 2015


The Prepped Hunter

A Hunter’s Back

Every hunter will at some point suffer what I like to call “a hunter’s back”. The hunter’s back is the never-ending pain a hunter will feel after spending hours with their back to a tree. I know this pain all too well, and well… I hate it.

Big Al Charity Hunt

About three months ago, I started a “cyber friendship” with a man by the name of Patrick “Rick” Rollo. I had responded to a problem that Rick had, and through small talk we began to have profound conversations that surrounded one topic- mother nature. Rick sent me an article titled ‘Dad’s Lessons Live Forever’.

A Hunting & Fishing Outdoorsman

Thomas Bayer, a hunting and fishing outdoorsman, wrote us this kind note: In the tree stand photo I am using Heat Factory hand warmers inside of my gloves, as well as the Heat Factory insole warmers in my boots.


For some of us (most of us) the worst possible case scenario happens at the worst possible time. Ever heard the saying bad luck comes in threes? That’s true. Simply because most things in life come into play through the snowball effect.

A Frostbite Save

” On a recent Winter camping/fishing trip in Northern Ontario, the weather turned very cold and Heat Factory’s Large Warmer saved my foot from severe frost bite. My cross country ski boots were frozen from a -25 Celcius night and after trying to ski a short distance in the frozen boots it became painfully apparent that my left foot was not warming up and was in trouble.