“First Lady of Hunting” ®: Female Hunters Show Us How It’s Done

Brenda Valentine Carrying her Turkey Trophy

Brenda Valentine becomes one of the first female hunters

“When you’re a full-time hunter like I am, it pays to learn all the secrets of being comfortable enough to stay out there. I depend on Heat Factory warmers as many as any articles of equipment I use.” – Brenda Valentine

female huntersBorn and raised in a very remote section of Henry County, Tennessee, Brenda Valentine literally grew up roaming the woods and was hunting with her father before she learned to walk. Brenda Valentine- female hunterUltimately she became extremely knowledgeable in all areas of woodsmanship, shooting and animal behavior. Little did she (or anyone else for that matter) dream that this basic way of life that supplied meat for the table and hides for the market was laying a firm foundation for a career that would take her out of “Johnson Holler” and earn her the title of the “First Lady of Hunting®”. She became one of the first female hunters. 

Today, Brenda Valentine is an extreme hunter, an award winning T.V. Host, a champion archer, an acclaimed author and an outspoken advocate for guns, hunting rifles, and hunting. She is also the leader of the current women’s hunting movement. What will always remain true to Brenda is her love of land and love for the animals that strive on it. To this day, when Brenda isn’t tied up attending speaking engagements, she’s on her farm riding horses, putting up vegetables from her garden, working on her treestands or passing on her knowledge of bows and guns to her grand kids. Next Saturday morning, Brenda will appear on ESPN 790 between 6:15-6:30 PM on “Outdoors with Larry Rea”. For more information on Brenda Valentine, visit her website.

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