How Climbers Stay Warm- The Secret of Hand Warmers & Chalkbags

Heat Factory "Climbers Stay Warm With Heat Factory"

Climbers Stay Warm Heat FactoryMost climbers can’t stay away from climbing in the Fall and Winter. Our favorite route is no longer sitting in the sun, which makes sitting in nature all that more appealing. Some of us love night-climbing but are sensitive to the cold all year long. hand warmers for rock climbing Heat Factory hand warmers are a great solution for both, and there are many creative ways to use hand warmers for rock climbing. As an avid climber myself, I’ve found that my feet always run cold- the most painful part of this is putting my rock shoes on and taking them off between climbs. If you put a hand warmer or foot warmer in a zip-lock bag with baby powder and leave it slightly open, the powder will warm up and retain heat well. When it’s your turn to climb, simply pour the baby powder in your shoes to stay warm while you’re sending your next route. Keep a warmer in your approach shoes for when you get done. For your hands, keep a warmer in your chalk bag. Everytime you’re able to rest you’ll be able to dip your hands into warm chalk to re-heat the tips of your fingers. Of course a good windmill or two will always help too!

Jim Brooks, an avid climber and outdoorsman from Claremont California wrote us this kind 370x200_rajimnote: “I do a lot of climbing in the high desert and some mornings can be unbearable cold. When I was first introduced to Heat Factory warmers, I was amazed at how well they worked. I have been climbing for about 10 years now so I know that proper circulation in the fingertips and hands is very important. I usually put a large 24 hours Warmer in my chalkbag so when I got to chalk my hands, it warms my fingers at the same time. We usually climb for about 5-8 hours so when I get back to camp, I throw the warmers that I used all day into my sleeping bag. By the time we eat and it’s time to go to bed, my bag is nice and toasty and it stays that way all night. Thanks to Heat Factory warmers, my climbing trips are more comfortable than ever!”

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