July 9, 2015

Hand Warmers

What’s A Hand Warmer

The Heat Factory hand warmer is a soft, lightweight pouch containing a biodegradable mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, Heat Factory Hand Warmerssawdust and vermiculite. When exposed to the air, an oxidation process takes place that generates heat. Unopened, the Heat Factory Warmers have a shelf life of three years or more. To find out more on instructional use, components, and the process itself, please visit Heat Factory’s informational page.

Hand Warmer in PackagingMini Hand Warmer

The Heat Factory Mini Hand Warmer is a Heat Factory innovation that revolutionized the U.S. Warmer Industry over 20 years ago. These light weight pouches contain a mixture of ingredients that, when exposed to air, create an oxidation process generating heat. The Mini Hand Warmers are our most popular size warmers and last for up to 10 + hours. The Heat Factory Mini Warmers can be used in gloves, pockets, Heat Factory Headwear, and any place where soothing heat is desired. The Mini Warmers are sold as pairs only. UPC:0-37137-19532-3

Display Box1953_box_lr

The Heat Factory Mini Warmer chipboard display (1953) can be shelf displayed, used as a Point of Purchase Display (POP), or used to fill many Heat Factory displays. Place in additional locations throughout the store or group with other Heat Factory products to create a Heat Center™. All Heat Factory packaging is consistent with the colors the consumer has come to associate with Heat Factory’s quality products. Each display box carries 40 pairs of Mini Hand Warmers.

Hand Warmer Big Pack™

handwarmerbigpack2The top-seller Hand Warmer Big Pack™(1964-1) is a must-have for any retailer. Big packs are perfect for merchandising at your cash register, in Heat Factory dump displays and 1964-1 Hand Warmer Big Packthroughout your store. Each Hand Warmer Big Pack™ contains 12 pairs of Mini Hand Warmers for the price of 10. The Hand Warmer Big Pack™ is available in a gorgeous display box that contains 12 Big Packs.


Our Mini Hand Warmer multi-packs (19533) provide value and convenience to consumers while adding increased sales volume to retailers. 19533-handwarmerEach tray comes in its own 200# corrugated shipper and separate clip strip, making it an excellent choice for central warehousing. One SKU provides many purposes: a self contained POP shelf display, a clip strip display, a peg hang, or it can be used to refill other Heat Factory displays. There are three pairs of Mini Hand Warmers per multi-pack and 12 multi-packs per tray.


Heat Factory’s Pegable Mini Hand Warmers (1953-P) are the exact same version of the Hand Warmers but with a punctured packaging that allows for the Hand Warmers to be stored on a retail rack. Each individual package comes with two independently sealed Hand Warmers. The Pegable Hand Warmer is a perfect back-up solution for when your display runs out of warmers.

Clip Strips

The Mini Hand Warmer Clip Strips (19533-C) include twelve multi-packs of Heat Factory MIni Warmers pre-clipped for your convenience. Place the Clip Strips throughout the store for maximum exposure and sales. The Clip Strips make for a fantastic impulse purchase in any retail setting. This is the ideal option for stores that prefer pre-hung clipstrips without trays. Orders must be in a box quantities; minimum orders of 12 boxes per shipment are required.


5043_moose_resCharacter Warmer

 Warm Buddies ‘N Pals™ Character Warmers are designed with kids in mind. Bright graphics and creative animal characterizations stimulate a child’s imagination while keeping 5043_pkg_printthem warm and comfortable on cold, blustery days. The inner warmer pads are the same high quality warmers as our Mini Hand Warmers and generate up to 10+ hours of heat. As with all Heat Factory warmers, Warm Buddies ‘N Pals™ Character Warmers are non-toxic and completely safe for children. The Character Warmers make for a great impulse purchase for parents shopping with their kids- the kids can be warm just like the adults! * Warm Buddies ‘N Pals™ is a trademark of Frederick Welch. Warm Buddies ‘N Pals™ Characterizations & Designs are the creative property of Sobriquet/Welch. All rights reserved. Copyright 2000 Sobriquet/Welch. UPC:0-37137-05043-1

Display BoxFun hand warmers for children

The Warm Buddies ‘N Pals™ chipboard display box (5043) can be shelf displayed, used as a Point of Purchase display (POP), or used to fill many different styles of the Heat Factory displays. The Warm Buddies ‘N Pals™ display contains an assortment of all four characters: Heatasaurus™, Wee Winkles Moose™, Griz, or the Racoons. Place the boxes at eye level to stimulate interest and watch the children’s smiles lighten up! Each display box contains 40 pairs of Character Warmers.

Clip Strips

Place Character Warmer Clip Strips (50433-C) throughout the store for maximum exposure and sales. Each box includes 48 multi-packs and each multi-pack contains three pairs of Character Warmers. The Clip Strips are pre-loaded with 12 multi-packs for your convenience. The Character Warmer Clip Strips make for a fantastic impulse purchase for kids that want to have their own special warmers just like Mom and Dad! Minimum order quantity is 12 boxes per shipment.


Merchandising Solutions

displayHeat Factory offers not only great products, but also more merchandising displays, materials, and signs that any other supplier in the industry. We realize that our role doesn’t just stop at making great products. It continues on into the marketing and merchandising of said products. Heat Factory offers countless merchandising options that we’ve produced in an effort to help you meet your profit and unit turn goals. Take a look at Heat Factory’s merchandising opportunities for ideas.

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  • so what ever happened to the heat factory footwarmer refills? bar code number – 37137 01948 ? I use these for hunting and ice fishing every year.
    or do I use the hand warmers in place of these?
    Marv K.

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