October 9, 2015


Heat Factory took many traditional accessory designs and energized them by adding special pockets to hold Heat Factory Warmers, and in some cases cooling components. Each design is made to the highest quality standards and many are proudly made in the USA.

Seater HeaterHeat Factory Seater Heater

Heat Factory’s Seater Heater (1986) is a heated seat cushion perfect for sitting in tree stands or on cold stadium   seats. The cushion features a water resistant bottom and two pockets for Heat Factory’s Large Warmers. The Seater Heater has a belt clip for easy carrying. The Seater Heater comes in three different styles, each accompanied by two Large Warmers (additional warmers may be purchased separately).


acc-1860Great for hunting, morning soccer practices, Friday night tailgating and more, Heat Factory’s Fleece-Lined Hand Muff (1860) provides instant and long-lasting quality heat to those needing to keep their hands free while working or playing in the cold. The Hand Warmer Muff has angled openings making it easy to access and comfortable to use. The enlarged front zippered pocket is perfect for holding loose items and is designed to house Heat Factory’s Large Warmer, providing 20 + hours of additional heat. The Hand Muff is accompanied by two free Large Warmers (additional warmers may be purchased separately). The adjustable waist strap makes it easy to put on and take off and adapts to all waist sizes. Stay warm and comfortable in the cold while being able to free your hands and clap loudly for your favorite team.


Back & Body Wrap

Heat Factory’s Heat Back & Body Wrap (196) features two pockets which hold Heat Factory Heated BackwrapHeat Factory Large Warmers. This wrap is perfect to place over sore areas and enjoy the soothing heat. By keeping the kidneys warm, the Back and Body Wrap spreads warmth throughout the entire body. The wrap is easily transportable, and perfect for travel. Each Back and Body Wrap is accompanied by two Heat Factory Large Warmers (additional warmers may be purchased separately).  The Heated Backwrap packaging comes in four different styles.

Climate Control Vest

The Heat Factory Climate Control Vest (56): This climate vest can be used for both hot or cold weather. It has 8 pockets for either Heat Factory Large Warmers or cold packs. The vest has a acc-56drawstring around the waist for a better fit. It includes either 8 Heat Factory Large Warmers or 6 cold packs. Comes in Blaze, Black or Mossy Oak. Another cooling product is the Heat Factory’s acc-CT10122Cool Wrap (CT101) is a very effective way to keep your neck and body cool on a hot day. Soak the cool wrap in water for 2-3 minutes and watch as the crystals absorb the water and create an effective cooling device. Evaporation enables the Cool Wrap to cool the neck and body. Front Velcro Closure is included in the design for added safety. Add the Cool Wrap easel to your order for an eye-catching display.


Merchandising Solutions
MERCH-SOFTNo matter what size your store may need, we provide the largest selection of displays surpassing any warmer company in the business. Heat Factory Hand warmers are packaged in a self contained counter display that takes up very little counter space. The Lids folds up and has a pop up header. Check out all Heat Factory merchandising solutions here.

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