July 9, 2015

Heated Footwear

Heat Factory separates itself from the competition in many ways. One of the biggest ways is through the sheer amount of foot warming options offered. Far more than anyone else in the industry! Not only does Heat Factory offer single use warmers for use in footwear, it also features quality socks and orthotic Foot Beds that accept Heat Factory Foot Warmers. Heat Factory’s Heated Footwear is designed with one goal in mind- keeping your feet out of the cold.

Pocket Socks

Cold feet are a thing of the past once you’ve discover Heat Factory’s patented Heated Pocket Socks.Heat Factory’s Pocket Socks have a pocket over the toes to hold Heat Factory Foot Warmers. Simply open a pair of Foot Warmers, place them in the pockets, and enjoy 6 hours of soothing warmth.

Heavyweight Merino Wool Blend
Heat Factory Heated Footwear

Heat Factory’s Heavyweight Merino Wool Blend Sock (1502) is of excellent quality and is perfect for the value conscious consumer. This sock is made of a Merino Wool Blend and features a special pocket over the toes to hold Heat Factory Foot Warmers. This sock has a cushioned arch and reinforced heel, and is above calf length. Each pair of sock includes on pair of Foot Warmers and is available in three different sizes. 71% acrylic, 12% Merino Wool, 15% nylon, 1% rubber, and 1% Other Fiber. 

Sportsman’s Mid Calf 1506-inuse

Heat Factory’s Sportsman’s Mid Calf Sock (1506) is the preferred choice of hunters and fishermen all around the United States. Heat Factory’s wool blend mid calf sock features a pocket over the toes to hold Heat Factory Foot Warmers. Each pair of socks includes one pair of Foot Warmers.  19% wool, 49% acrylic, 10% polyester, 11% nylon, 1% spandex and 9% Olefin.

Wader Over the Knee 

Heat Factory’s Heated Wader Sock (1503) is specifically designed for extreme cold days. foot-1503pkgPockets over the toes hold Heat Factory Foot Warmers and the over-the-knee length with compression fitting allows for better blood flow. The sock stays in one comfortable position all day. The Wader Sock is accompanied by one pair of Heat Factory Foot Warmers (additional warmers may be purchased separately). The Wader Sock is available in one size only, as one sits fits all. 43% Merino Wool, 35% acrylic, 7% nylon, 11% polyester, 3% rubber and 1% spandex. 

Slipper Socks

Heat Factory’s patented Slipper Socks are perfect for those cold nights at home. Bubble grippers on the bottom of the sock prevent slipping, while the specially designed pockets over the toes hold Heat Factory Foot Warmers in place to provide plenty of heat keeping you comfortable at all times.

Retail Wrap

Heat Factory’s Retail Wrap Slipper Socks (1510) are packaged in the Heat Factory foot-1510pkgdistinctive wrap. The package design allows consumers to feel the quality of the sock and the texture of the no-slip traction. Each pair of Slipper Socks is accompanied by Heat Factory Foot Warmers (additional warmers may be purchased separately). 85% acrylic, 15% nylon. Caution: Use Mini Warmers or Foot Warmer Refills with all Slipper Socks. 

Flat Footbed

Heat Factory’s patented Flat Foot Bed is easy to use- one size fits most! The cavity under the toes is designed to fit Heat Factory Foot Warmers. Specially designed air channels on the bottom of the Foot Bed increase air flow to the Foot Warmer creating plenty of heat to keep your feet warm on cold days. The Foot Bed features a brushed nylon top with antimicrobial and anti-fungal additives.

Flat Footbed

Heat Factory’s Flat Foot Bed (1460) has a cavity under the toes holding the Heat1460_pkg Factory Foot Warmer in place. Just trim the Foot Bed at the heel for an easy fit. The air channels at the bottom of the Foot Bed increase airflow to the Foot Warmer which generate heat. Each Foot Bed is accompanied by one pair of Foot Warmers. The Heat Factory Flat Foot Bed is available for men and women.


The Heat Factory Footbed Pre-Packs are pre-assembled in freestanding trays with an easy to remove cover. Each clamshell is RF sealed and has pre-punched hang holes allowing the package to be hung on conventional store fixtures. They can also be displayed on a pre-pack tray, on shelves or tables, pallet displayed, end cap or on power wings. The innovative design creates a great sell-down strategy without compromising merchandising appeal. Each clamshell features one pair of Flat Foot Beds and five pairs of Heat Factory Foot Warmers. Custom orders only.

MERCH-SOFTMerchandising Solutions

Heat Factory offers not only great products, but also more merchandising displays, materials and signs that any other supplier in the industry. We realize that our role doesn’t just stop at making great products. It continues on into the marketing and merchandising of said products. Heat Factory offers countless merchandising options that we’ve produced in an effort to help meet your profit and unit turn goals. Take a look at Heat Factory’s merchandising opportunities for ideas.

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