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Beyond Life V10Jesse Unitt is a 22 year old climber, currently living in Carlsbad, CA. Jesse grew up climbing with his father at a young age and peaked in his progress when he began working at Vital Climbing Gym. Check out some of his recent projects!

What got you into climbing and what are you first memories of the sport?

My dad. My father got me into climbing and the outdoors at a young age. Some of my earliest memories involve just goofing off in the local gym, and on our woody at home with him and my brothers. I was very afraid of heights so bouldering stands out as well. We had a lot of fun! I do remember my first lead climb some years later in Golden, Colorado. My father took me up the first Flat irons in Boulder, Colorado. That was my first multi pitch. It might not have been a difficult climb, but my fear of heights makes it stand out in my mind to this day. It was the climb that helped me get over certain fears.

That being said, what fear have you recently conquered?

Highballs! I used to be very scared of heights. So doing huge boulders or soloing just always seemed untouchable to me. But I’ve cleared my head a lot and lately, I’ve found myself pulling over bigger and harder climbs. stairway to heaven

Is there any particular athlete who style you admire? 

I’d have to say Chris Sharma. Sharma has a powerful and dynamic climbing style that he matches with a calm and peaceful demeanor- and it’s inspiring. I’m also a fan of Fred Nicole. His style of climbing is much more calm and collected. They both hold completely different approaches to climbing but both execute their own style beautifully. Both athletes have taken the sport to new levels and continue to so after many years of continuous progress. They’ve both taught me a lot about finding my own style and approach to climbing.

Do you have a personal influence for climbing?

My father! I’ve been climbing with him since the beginning. We’ve always pushed each other and he pulled me through a lot of my fears in climbing and in my general experience outdoors. We still climb together to this day and it’s an inspiration to see him just as passionate about the sport after twenty years of being involve. I really enjoy sharing our accomplishments with each other and pushing each other to climb harder.



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