The Best Hunting Gloves

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Many of us suffer from cold hands while hunting. Shopping for a hunting glove can be difficult as there are so many things you must be able to do with your hands. The gloves must be thick enough to keep your hands warm, but thin enough to get a solid feel for the trigger. Heat Factory has created a pair of gloves that holds the warmth of a mitten with the freedom of a glove.

The Best Hunting Gloves

The Heat Factory Pop Top Mitten in Mossy Oak has a pocket on the mitten cap to hold a handwarmer. Our handwarmers last for up to ten hours and are the perfect compliment to a glove when sitting up in a tree stand or hiking through a forest. The mitten and thumb flaps peel back through the magnets so that you can use your fingers when needed. The gloves also feature a liner inside to keep you warm when the mitten aspect of the glove is pulled back.

Don’t believe that Heat Factory makes the best hunting gloves? Read Steve’s review:

“Got a pair of the Heat Factory Pop Top Mittens in I believe a Mossy Oak camouflage pattern. Fit is snug without being overtight. Mitten and thumb flaps peel back to allow you to work with your fingers when needed. I like the grip overlay material on the fingers, palm and thumb which allow for a good grip. I especially like the magnet system that holds back the mitten and thumb flaps to keep them from flopping around and getting in your way. They also have a sufficiently long enough wrist cuff to cover the gap between your gloves and your coat sleeve. It has not yet been cold enough to try out the hand warmer inserts but they seem to fit comfortably in the built-in pockets. Oh, and one little feature I also like is the small plastic snap they have sewn in on the gloves to keep them together when not in use. Seems like I lose more gloves when I can only find one or the other without its match. LOL! Overall they seem very well designed and sturdily constructed. I look forwards to getting some good years of use out of these.”



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